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Remote Debugging the running OpenBSD kernel

The Problem

A few month ago, I tried porting the FreeBSD kdb along with it's gdb stub implementations to OpenBSD as a practice of learning the internals of an BSD operating system. The ddb code in both FreeBSD and OpenBSD looks pretty much the same and the GDB Remote Serial …

Installing OpenBSD 6.3 on Raspberry pi 3

Installing the OpenBSD on raspberry pi 3 is very easy and well documented which almost convinced me of not writing about it, but still I felt like it may help somebody new to the project (But again I really recommend reading the document if you are interested and have the …

OpenBSD 6.2 Upgrade

The Upgrading Process is stupidly easy. The process is well documented for each release and is available after the release of binary packages and when install images are out but before going any further, please read the OpenBSD 6.2 new features for the list of changes and improvements.

The …