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Raspbian on 1G SD-Card

Recently I setup a raspberry pi as my home wireless router. It worked great, until I accidently broke the sd-card. I had a spare SD-Card but it was only a 1GB memory. Considering the 1.8GB raspbian image (after decompressing), something had to be done to shrink the image size …

Raspberry pi 3 as Home Wireless Router

I use The following script to configure a Raspbian OS on a Raspberry Pi 3 as a home wireless router.

Note: Please configure the following variable before running the script.


Graphviz in markdown


There is a good tutorial on How to include graphviz graphs in github. Basically it introduced me to an online web service which takes graphviz scripts as part of a url query string and renders it into an image type. It is a very good idea for many reasons …