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Portable GELI

Although most of my works are properties of the companies I work for, This repository is one of my recent personal projects I am actually proud of. This is portable-geli. GELI(8) is FreeBSD's cryptography framework technology. It consists of the kernel side which controls the actual encryption/decryption blocks …

Raspbian on 1G SD-Card

Recently I setup a raspberry pi as my home wireless router. It worked great, until I accidently broke the sd-card. I had a spare SD-Card but it was only a 1GB memory. Considering the 1.8GB raspbian image (after decompressing), something had to be done to shrink the image size …

Raspberry pi 3 as Home Wireless Router

I use The following script to configure a Raspbian OS on a Raspberry Pi 3 as a home wireless router.

Note: Please configure the following variable before running the script.


GCC Cross-Compiler


A cross compiler is a compiler capable of creating executable code for a platform other than the one on which the compiler is running. For example, a compiler that runs on a Windows 7 PC but generates code that runs on Android smartphone is a cross compiler.


Before …

py3status Configuration

Edited: Follow changes via my Github repository.


py3status Configuration


  • py3status is an extensible i3status wrapper written in python.
  • Font Awesome: Font Icons for i3-bar
  • maim: a utility that takes screenshots of your desktop
  • i3lock: is a simple screen locker like slock.
  • waffle: to randomly download/change wallpaper.
  • gahshomar is a …