Fine Tuned Shell Scripting and Bash Automated Testing System Using Bats


Last Saturday, I gave a brief presentation on shell scripting and bats, a bash based automated testing system at MashhadBUG. Please Don't forget to check the references at the end of the post.

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Smallest and Longest Manpage you ever read


Recently I asked a question on OpenSD IRC channel which led to a question entirely different. What's the smallest/longest manpage you ever read?

$ find /usr/local/share/man -type f -exec wc -l {} \;  | sort

On OpenBSD 6.2, the smallest is dcphy(4) with 23 lines and the …

My OpenBSD Setup

Today, I'm going to write about my personal experience with OpenBSD on my Laptop as an OpenBSD user. I think I will come back day to day and update this blog post, but currently the following topics are coeverd:

Building FreeBSD Custom Kernel

According to FreeBSD Handbook, there are two ways of building a custom kernel: The Traditional Way and The New Way.

Either way, we should create a custom kernel configuration file, Then we use this custom kernel configuration for building the new kernel:

$ cd /usr/src
$ cp sys/amd64/config/GENERIC …

Privileged Seperated Processes

An Intorduction

In computer programming and computer security, privilege separation is a technique in which a program is divided into parts which are limited to the specific privileges they require in order to perform a specific task. This is used to mitigate the potential damage of a computer security vulnerability …